A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health
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A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health

My family's dental health is important to me. Unfortunately for me, it is not as important to my little ones. Getting my kids to brush and floss on a daily basis is almost like taking on an obstacle course. I talked to my family's dentist about different methods I could try to encourage them to brush and floss on a regular basis. Some of the tricks worked, some did not. After some experimentation and talking to other parents, I was able to come up with a lot of great tips for helping kids care for their teeth. I started this blog to help other parents get creative when it comes to their kids and dental care.


A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health

Has Your Dentist Recommended Implants? What Makes Dental Implants Unique

Bella Snyder

When considering modern tooth replacement options, nothing beats dental implants because they mimic natural dental structure. The dental implant surgery process involves carefully inserting an artificial root anchored on the jawbone to support a bridge or crown. This makes implants an effective solution if you have missing, decayed, or broken teeth.

The implant technology can also come in handy if you are tired of dentures that use adhesives. But what are the advantages that make dental implants stand out? Keep reading to find out.

They Look Like Natural Teeth

The fact that implants have a root attached to the jawbone makes them function like real teeth. This might seem insignificant, but it goes a long way in enhancing chewing abilities. As a result, you will be able to take whatever food you want, unlike other options that tend to limit patients to soft foods.

The natural look also means that no one can tell that they are implants. You will even be able to brush and floss, just as people with natural teeth do. The natural feel will certainly create a high level of satisfaction.

They Are Durable

Durability is an aspect that makes any investment worth the money. Unlike bridges that last for a couple of years, implants offer a lifetime service. That's because they are made of sturdy, tissue-friendly titanium metal that easily fuses with your jawbone. Besides, you won't have to worry about your body rejecting the implant or suffering harmful side effects, thanks to their biocompatibility.

They Prevent Bone Loss

Many people aren't aware that the space left behind by a missing tooth can cause jawbone loss due to lack of stimulation. Without an implant, there's no doubt that bone loss will continue as time goes by.

Keep in mind that dentures can exacerbate bone loss since they tend to rub and erode the surrounding bone whenever they become loose. However, considering that implants replace the entire tooth structure, they can provide much-needed stimulation, helping keep bone loss at bay.

They Stabilize Adjacent Teeth

Apart from causing jawbone loss, dental gaps can cause the shifting of adjacent teeth. This serious issue can cause teeth misalignment, adversely affecting your facial appearance and chewing ability. Investing in implants is a surefire way of preventing such drawbacks.

The advent of implants caused a paradigm shift in the dentistry field. Contact a dentist near you to learn more about implants and whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.