A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health
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A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health

My family's dental health is important to me. Unfortunately for me, it is not as important to my little ones. Getting my kids to brush and floss on a daily basis is almost like taking on an obstacle course. I talked to my family's dentist about different methods I could try to encourage them to brush and floss on a regular basis. Some of the tricks worked, some did not. After some experimentation and talking to other parents, I was able to come up with a lot of great tips for helping kids care for their teeth. I started this blog to help other parents get creative when it comes to their kids and dental care.


A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health

Why A 'Simple Toothache' Needs Immediate Medical Attention

Bella Snyder

Getting a toothache is something most people don't think twice about. While it can be unpleasant, many people feel that it's only a temporary issue or something that can be put off. Unfortunately, this is a bad idea. Toothaches are often your first and final warning sign of a developing problem before it becomes a much bigger hassle to fix. If you're getting a toothache, here's why you need to seek medical attention right away.

What's Behind a Toothache

Toothaches are just one form of pain, but a lot of different things can cause them. Cavities, for example, go down deep in the teeth and can set off a pain sensation. Other problems like a lack of enamel and subsequent damage to your tooth's dentin or pulp can also cause pain. Of course, a simple trauma can also cause a problem. Whatever the cause of your toothache is, it's a sign that something's going wrong.

When the Pain Starts

When your teeth hurt, there's one main reason for it: your nerves are sending signals to your brain that there's pain. In most cases, nerves don't do this for no reason. If you don't have a degenerative nerve disorder or something like diabetes - which can affect your nerves - then chances are it's due to a problem on or in your tooth.

The main reason it's a bad idea to ignore this pain is that much of the tooth doesn't actually have nerves in it. The nerves are deeper inside the tooth, so typically pain means something deep down is happening.

Most conditions that affect the inner parts of the tooth need immediate medical attention. Cavities, tooth resorption, and damage to the pulp or dentin can all cause pain in the form of a toothache. Putting off getting help from a dentist means the condition could progress, making it necessary to have the tooth pulled.

What To Do

If you're having this problem, it's time to seek help from a dentist. If your regular dentist can't see you right away, book an appointment with an emergency dentist. They're equipped to handle all kinds of dental problems and typically have more openings than general or family dentists.

When you visit your emergency dentist, explain where the pain is located, and they'll take care of the rest. Your exam may include x-rays as well as a physical exam. If your dentist finds a problem, they can treat it and may be able to save your tooth.

Dental problems take a long time to develop, but once they reach the critical stage of inducing pain, it's a sign that you need help ASAP. Don't ignore your toothache. Contact an emergency dentist today.