A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health
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A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health

My family's dental health is important to me. Unfortunately for me, it is not as important to my little ones. Getting my kids to brush and floss on a daily basis is almost like taking on an obstacle course. I talked to my family's dentist about different methods I could try to encourage them to brush and floss on a regular basis. Some of the tricks worked, some did not. After some experimentation and talking to other parents, I was able to come up with a lot of great tips for helping kids care for their teeth. I started this blog to help other parents get creative when it comes to their kids and dental care.


A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health

Prostatitis And Men: How Does Your Health Affect Your Mouth?

Bella Snyder

If you're currently receiving treatment for prostatitis, you may experience some side effects from your medications. Dry mouth might be one of these side effects. Because dry mouth can affect your oral health, it isn't something you should ignore. You can learn more about dry mouth and how it affects your teeth and gums below.

Is Dry Mouth Serious?

Although the medications used to treat prostatitis can relieve the pain and inflammation in your prostate gland, the treatments can inadvertently cause other health problems. Some men experience depression and sexual dysfunction from their medications, while other men may develop dry mouth syndrome. The medications may affect the saliva glands in your throat, or they may dry out your mouth directly. In any of these cases, it's important to treat the dryness in your mouth right away.

Dry mouth can potentially lead to or cause inflammation in your mouth. Saliva usually keeps the tissues inside your mouth moist and clean. If you don't have enough saliva in your mouth, bacteria and other germs can grow out of control. The overgrowth of germs can lead to tooth decay, halitosis, and gum disease. 

If you already experience any of the symptoms of dry mouth above, consult with a dentist now.

How Do You Treat the Dryness in Your Mouth?

When you visit a dentist, bring a list of the medications you previously and currently take for your prostatitis. The list of medications can help a dentist provide the right dental treatment for you. For instance, if some of your medications cause mouth sores and dry mouth syndrome, a dentist can address both problems at once. 

If a dentist detects signs of gum disease in your mouth, they can take immediate action to treat you. Prostatitis and other male-specific health conditions can become worse if inflammation develops in the gums. Gum disease doesn't always cause symptoms once it develops in the gums. Most men don't know that they have gum disease until the condition loosens up their teeth, or when they visit a dentist for care.

After you visit the dentist, take good care of your mouth by eating and drinking properly. Also, pay close attention to your teeth and gums when you perform oral care. If you notice redness, bleeding, or swelling in your gums, tell a dental provider as soon as possible.

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