A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health
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A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health

My family's dental health is important to me. Unfortunately for me, it is not as important to my little ones. Getting my kids to brush and floss on a daily basis is almost like taking on an obstacle course. I talked to my family's dentist about different methods I could try to encourage them to brush and floss on a regular basis. Some of the tricks worked, some did not. After some experimentation and talking to other parents, I was able to come up with a lot of great tips for helping kids care for their teeth. I started this blog to help other parents get creative when it comes to their kids and dental care.


A Guide to Creatively Handling a Child's Dental Health

Three Smile Problems You Can Solve With Cosmetic Dentistry

Bella Snyder

If you find yourself holding back when you smile so you do not show your teeth, consider investing in cosmetic dentistry. With the correct procedure, you can restore your smile to its former glory. Researching your options helps you determine the right procedure for your dental problem.

Problem: Your teeth are stained or discolored.

Laser teeth whitening restores a drab, dingy smile to one that is full of gleaming white teeth. Your dentist applies a hydroxide bleaching compound to your teeth and then cures the solution with a laser. The heat from the laser increases the effectiveness of the bleaching compound. It also reduces the time that it takes the bleaching solution to work. Many times, you have a noticeable change in your smile after a single treatment. Your results generally last anywhere from six months to a year.

Upkeep is essential to maintaining your results. Make sure you limit foods that can stain your teeth, like coffee and tea. Brushing with a whitening toothpaste also helps prolong your results.

Problem: You are missing a tooth or multiple teeth.

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, dental implants are a good option to permanently restore your smile. Dental implants are intended to mimic the look and function of your real teeth. The implants are connected to your jaw bone, enabling you to talk and chew with ease. Since they connect to the jaw bone, dental implants do not weaken your remaining teeth.

You can use implants to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. With proper dental habits, your dental implants can last for life. You should brush and floss the implants just like you would your actual teeth.

Problem: Your teeth are discolored, chipped, or irregularly shaped.

Dental veneers are able to fix a variety of cosmetic issues. They can even be used to fix multiple problems at one time. The veneers are made from a thin, porcelain material. They are bonded to the front of your teeth to permanently alter the appearance of your smile. Veneers are considered less invasive than comparable alternatives, such as dental crowns.

Problems that dental veneers can fix include gaps between your teeth, broken or worn down teeth, and teeth with permanent discoloring. You can expect your veneers to last from 5 to 10 years. Veneers cost approximately $500 to $1,300 for each tooth.

With the right cosmetic dental procedure, you can light up a room with your smile instead of worrying about hiding your teeth. Once you know what option is best for your teeth, you can begin the process of overhauling your smile. To learn more, contact a cosmetic dentistry clinic like Associates For Family Dentistry